Do You Really Want the Cheapest Home Inspection?

When you're looking at homes that you are ready to sink a huge amount of your savings and a big portion of your monthly paycheck into, you probably don't tell your real estate agent "Find me the cheapest house". Chances are, you can find a cheaper house. But probably not better. Home Inspections are no different.

 You take your investment seriously, and I take your Home Inspection seriously. I am not going to rush through your inspection to get to the next one. A lot of care is taken during you home inspection to assure you completely understand the components, functions, maintenance, and safety items in your future investment. 
If you think my Home Inspection is expensive, just wait until you get a cheap one! The cheaper home inspector is typically charging what he is worth, and maybe even more. Many of my inspections are conducted on properties that need special attention, require extensive training, expertise, and/or experience. Most of the "cheap" inspection companies will simply disclaim areas they are not specifically trained to inspect. They seldom do more than is required by law. I call it the "bare minimum syndrome", and frankly, that drives me nuts! I believe in going the extra mile. Yes, it takes a little longer. Yes, it's a little harder, so I am constantly updating my formal and informal education, and can rely on my education, experience, and other Home Inspectors with many years of experience in their field. You can get a small example of my education on my Qualifications page. And I normally utilize a home inspector assistant. That way I can devote more attention to your needs, questions, and concerns, while my assistant collects material data.


The question "how much do you charge?" should probably be the last question you ask. It would be wiser to ask questions about abilities, techniques, and training. Does your inspector sound personal and friendly, or hurried and distracted? How many inspections have they performed? Can they provide a sample report? What about "service after the sale"?

That said, the bottom line is as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for", or "caveat emptor". Saving thirty, fifty, or even one hundred dollars can literally wind up costing you thousands upon thousands. It would be wiser to put the difference away if you're getting the cheaper inspection, because you will likely need it as a down payment to pay for things that the cheapest company either disclaimed, or simply missed.

Call me today at 304-610-4018 and get to know who will be educating you on the most important and expensive decision you're about to make. If you still want the cheapest inspection, then at least you may gain a little insight on what to expect from your Home Inspection.