Home Inspections in Charleston


Home inspections in Charleston, WV are much like any other state Home Inspection. Some items may be more common to a Home inspection in WV than for another part of the country. As a Home Inspector in West Virginia, I may go into many crawlspaces, whereas a home inspector in Florida may not ever perform a crawlspace inspection. Even different regions of the same state may have different home inspection techniques. A Home Inspector in Hurricane, or a Teays Valley Home Inspector is likely to perform home inspections on newer, larger homes, since there is has been a great deal of housing growth in that area for the last couple of decades. On the other hand, an inspector performing Home Inspections in Dunbar or Home Inspections in St Albans may be performing Home Inspections on older homes.

Each Home Inspection will reveal an amount of defects, most cosmetic or very minor. Since becoming a Certified Home Inspector, I have found most clients want to know mostly about major defects or items that may be expensive and in need of replacement. As a Charleston Home Inspector, I try to inform my clients how to perform general maintenance on their home, and provide an Energy Analysis during my Home Inspection so they can become aware of the expense of operating the home. During a Home Inspection in St Albans, or a Home inspection in Hurricane, or a Home Inspection in Winfield, I always try and follow the same routine so I don’t miss anything. That’s one of the reasons I think of myself as Charleston’s Best Home Inspector, because I offer so much more for my client. I think of my Home Inspection Service as a Course in Home Maintenance. Plus I offer warranties, ReCall services, maintenance books, life expectancy charts, a basic free education during your Home Inspection.